La Tempestad


Taken from the Spanish post in Revista La Tempestad’s website

Argonáutica, a literary press from Monterrey, has published Mixtape Latinoamericano, a translation of the book of essays and interviews by American critic Scott Esposito that originally appeared in 2015. Esposito has avoided the insularity that is so characteristic of English language literature through his websites Conversational Reading and The Quarterly Conversation, and directs his attention to multiple latitudes. At the core of Mixtape Latinoamericano, in a translation by Marco Antonio Alcalá, is an essay about digression in César Aira. As explained by Argonáutica, “Scott’s self-described ‘b-sides’ is not just a collection of literary essays on Latin American writers, it’s also about the insight that comes from a magnificent reader from abroad reading the great writers of a foreign continent. It includes three never-before-published pieces, exclusive interviews and a sharp point of view on literature.” In fact, the book—that is a bilingual edition—places conversation at its center: it includes an essay that inquires about the reasons of Roberto Bolaño’s international success and a dialogue with the translator of José Emilio Pacheco.

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